Common fertility mistakes

3 Common Mistakes Women Make When They Want to Get Pregnant

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Prepare for Pregnancy

Why you should start preparing for pregnancy NOW

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  • Infertility Diagnoses to Natural Conceptions

    October 07 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    How We Went from Infertility Diagnoses to Natural Conceptions: Our family stories

    We spent over 30 combined years in our practices as natural fertility doctors… In that time we've seen literally thousands of women coming to the doors of our office asking for help with infertility struggles. Time and time again, we’ve been able to help women begin their families using our tried-and-true methods to support fertility. But for all those women...

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  • Simple things you can do now to prepare your body for pregnancy later

    September 30 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    3 Reasons Why You Should Start Preparing for Pregnancy ASAP (Even if You Aren’t Ready to Start Your Family Yet)

    These days, a lot of us spend years trying not to get pregnant. We want to wait until the time is right to have a family.Until then, we don’t spend much time thinking about whether or not our bodies are ready for that pregnancy.And then when we’re finally ready and excited for a baby…Our bodies might be totally unprepared.And it’s...

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  • Fertility Superfoods

    September 13 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    Brassica Vegetables - Fertility superfoods to eat everyday

    The Brassica family of vegetables is key for fertility and some of the most potent detoxifying foods around. A genus of plants in the mustard family also known as cruciferous vegetables (those naturally containing sulfur – more on that in a bit).These vegetables are hormone balancing superfoods and detox superfoods. A good source of soluble fiber, they contain important fertility...

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  • Black Bean Hummus

    September 13 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    Black Bean Hummus - Plant Based Protein Source

    Black beans are a great plant based source of protein and fiber and are rich in folate and iron. All are key nutritional factors to supporting your fertility.A recipe by Rebecca Katz from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen - is a yummy and healthy spread that can be eaten with raw veggies, added to a salad or grain bowl. This BLACK BEAN...

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