Fertility meal plan & nutrition course

"I did not realize how much was missing from my diet. I'm in my mid 30's and have struggled with PCOS and this class helped me regulate my cycle. I've discovered great foods that have changed the way I feel. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone trying to get pregnant."

Fertility Meal Plan and Nutrition Course


Best Fertility Diet

This fertility diet course is a comprehensive nutritional guide for optimal reproductive function.  It addresses the most common nutritional deficiencies in women during their reproductive years.
The Cultivate Fertility Meal Plan and Nutrition Course is complete with the most essential macro and micro nutrients to prime your reproductive system for the best chances of conceiving.
This course will provide:
  • cooking instruction
  • nutritional guidance
  • downloadable information guides
  • shopping tips & lists
  • a full library of recipes


Best fertility foods when trying to get pregnant

Offering delicious nutritious meals aimed at improving egg health and boosting your fertility.  Suitable for vegetarians offering numerous resources for plant-based alternatives.

Once you register, you’ll receive full access to all course modules, plus additional resources to get you started.  This is an action-oriented diet course.  Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary will lead you through the following 5 modules:  

Hydration – This concept of hydration goes well beyond water. We will inform you of different ways to stimulate your hydration, explaining why and how it is essential to your fertility and overall health.

Fertility Superfoods - We will introduce you to our Cultivate Fertility Superfoods – with "how to" videos for making and incorporating superfoods and fermented foods into your routine.

Anti-fertility Foods - We discuss the impact of caffeine and alcohol on your fertility and how to avoid anti-fertility foods that might be hiding in your diet.  

Supplements – We will walk you through important supplements you will need beyond food to support your fertility. We will guide you through what to look for in a prenatal vitamin and discuss additional supplements you need alongside this prenatal.

Cultivate Fertility Plate - We will show you how to build your Cultivate Fertility Plates - making nutritious and delicious food choices that support your fertility.

Best diet to increase fertility

Whether you have just decided to start a family, have been trying to get pregnant for years, or are considering IVF, this Fertility Diet Course is for you! The information contained in this course is invaluable, no matter where you are in your fertility journey and will provide a wonderful foundation for starting your family.