Can the Cultivate Fertility Telehealth guarantee results?

This one-on-one telemedicine visit is a way for Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary to share the best practices they’ve learned from helping thousands of women conceive over the years. There’s no way to guarantee that anyone will get pregnant from this protocol. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s situation is different. It’s worked for thousands of other women, and it may work for you, too.


Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Dr. Kara’s and Dr. Hillary’s approach to natural fertility is on the cutting edge. They combine modern science with traditional Chinese medicine, over 30 years of clinical experience in their private practices, and their own experiences with infertility to help you get pregnant.

While they often reference scientific studies in their work, the combination of science with decades of in-clinic experience is something you won’t find anywhere else.


Should I wait to see if I get pregnant easily? Why do a visit?

The natural fertility specialists strive to make sure you have your body in the best shape possible to get pregnant. You will also learn some things you can do to potentially prevent issues in your baby.


What if I do not cook?

No need to cook. You will learn what to look for and avoid in prepared food and takeout food.  We will also suggest some places to have food delivered.  


What if I am working with a fertility doctor?

Great! The one on one visit and Cultivate Fertility Method was designed to teach you all the things that will not be addressed by your doctor. In addition, the self care and stress management sections in the program are perfect for those going through fertility treatments 


What if I am doing IUI?

Wonderful! The doctors will design your treatment plan and advice to be done concurrently with IUI procedures. You will learn important dietary and lifestyle factors that you will want to keep for your pregnancy and while nursing.


What if I am taking medications to help me get pregnant? Will this interfere with the natural medicine approach?

Nope. The doctors will design your treatment plan so as not to interfere with fertility drugs and may help you avoid common side effects. As always, you would want to avoid taking anything without talking to your doctors.


What if I am already healthy?

Perfect. This protocol will help you focus specifically on fertility and get your body ready for pregnancy.


What if I travel for work?

You will likely really benefit from the advice on food choice and stress management.


Can you help PCOS?

Oh yes. The movement, stress reduction, and food sections address the diet and lifestyle factors known to help PCOS.


Do you treat endometriosis?

Yes! Since endometriosis is an inflammatory condition, women can see real benefit with this protocol. 


What is Proposition 65?

If you live in California, you might have noticed a Prop 65 warning on the packing slip of your order. The state of California requires that a variety of consumer goods (including herbs and supplement) sold in the state include the warning. The reason that herbs and dietary supplements are included is due to naturally occurring compounds from the soil that could be present in the final product at low rates. 

All of our supplements meet or exceed federal and international safety standards. However, we comply with Prop 65 by printing the warning on packing slips for orders shipped to California. 

If you’d like to learn more about Prop 65, head over to



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