Antioxidants to support Fertility

December 03 2020

Antioxidants to support Fertility

Antioxidants to support Fertility

Antioxidants like Vitamin C, E and CoQ10 (and this combo specifically) have been shown to improve sperm motility, morphology, DNA damage, and fertility rate - in infertile men. (1) 


Not only are antioxidants helpful to sperm, but also important to a woman's reproductive system - and significantly helpful in the maturation of her eggs.   


By the time a woman is in her mid- to late thirties, she’ll have more abnormal eggs in her reserve than normal eggs, often from free radical damage. Antioxidants block free radicals before they reach the eggs in a woman’s ovarian reserve, and can protect the quality of eggs.  


Sperm and eggs are susceptible to free radical damage.  Studies have shown the presence of high levels of reactive oxygen species (aka free radicals) may be a risk factor for a number of pregnancy-related disorders, such as embryonic mortality, early spontaneous abortion, IUGR, fetal death, premature delivery and low birth weight. (2) 


The research is abundant in support of antioxidants in the protecting egg quality and improving sperm quality.  We have found studies that reveal significantly lower plasma concentrations of potent antioxidants (Vitamin C, E, and glutathione) in those suffering recurrent pregnancy loss with luteal phase defect. (3) 


Studies have shown higher concentrations of ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) in and around the ovaries than in the blood and suggests that ascorbic acid plays a role in the maturation and development of the young egg.  


Ascorbic acid has also shown to help regulate ovarian function and the menstrual cycle.  It can help to regulate hormones – increasing progesterone – particularly helpful in luteal phase defects – that can cause issues with preparing the uterine lining for implantation. (4) 


We could go on and on – but it seems clear to us – and all the while, relatively simple – to recommend being diligent about getting antioxidants into your supplement regimen for your fertility by:


 Improving egg quality 

✅ Improving sperm quality & motility 

Regulating hormones – for ovulation, fertilization, implantation 

Lowering risk of pregnancy loss, premature delivery and low birth weight 


🍓Berries, 🍋citrus fruit, 🌰nuts (almonds have great amounts of Vitamin E), 🍠🌶🥕orange and red veggies, 🥬dark leafy greens are a few that we suggest incorporating into your meals daily.   


And because we believe so much in the power of higher levels of antioxidants, we love our delightful supplement that is easy to take on the go – Drink Your Antioxidants 





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