3 Common Mistakes Women Make When They Want to Get Pregnant

October 20 2020

Common fertility mistakes

Common fertility mistakes

We know how stressful and sometimes chaotic it can be when you’re trying to get pregnant.

So whether you’ve done everything short of IVF or you’re just starting to think about getting pregnant…

We want you to know that we’re here for you.

You aren’t alone. And we want to do everything we can to help you along this journey.

That’s why today, we’re sharing 3 of the biggest mistakes we see people make on their fertility journey.

The 2 of us have been natural fertility doctors for over 30 years combined, and in those years we’ve met a lot of women.

Here are the most common mistakes we’ve seen our patients make over the years that can negatively impact their fertility journey. 


1. Trying to figure everything out on your own.

Mental health plays a huge role in fertility. We’ve had patients who were under so much stress from trying to get pregnant that it contributed to their infertility. And when they started doing mindfulness practices consistently, they actually became pregnant!

During our own fertility journeys, some of the worst parts were feeling so isolated from other people. The shame and guilt of feeling like you were the only one in the world who couldn’t have a baby & there was something seriously wrong with you.

That’s why we believe having a supportive community & trusted guides can help you on your journey.

Because you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

We promise.

Trying to get pregnant can be beyond stressful… but when you join a community of like-minded women, you’ll feel supported, seen, and loved in a way that can completely transform your journey for the better.

(And if this all sounds good to you… click here to join our community and let us be your guides on your fertility journey!)


2. Not looking at the whole picture.

When a lot of people think about fertility, they’re thinking about just 2 things: the reproductive systems of both parents.

But the truth is, your whole-body health can impact your fertility.

This goes back to what we were saying about the importance of mental health... 

And it’s also why we put so much emphasis on lifestyle changes like diet, limiting environmental toxins, getting the right nutrients, and more — because the health of your entire body impacts your ability to get pregnant!

A lot of doctors don’t realize this… and it leaves their patients feeling isolated & confused. And prevents them from understanding how the lifestyle decisions they’re making every day might be causing infertility. Completely overlooking the root problems!

That’s why in our approach, we look at the whole body… often finding things that other doctors have overlooked.


3. Relying on Dr. Google instead of advice from trusted experts.

We see women come into our clinics all the time who have been trying to get pregnant for months (or even years!) with only the help of Google.

Listen… we know how tempting it can be to go down the online research hole. Especially when it comes to something like pregnancy where there seems to be so much that can go wrong!

BUT… that’s exactly why it’s so important to learn from trusted experts.

Because there are a whole bunch of people online spewing pregnancy “facts” that are just going to confuse & distract you.

Plus, remember how we were talking about the importance of mental health? Information overload is so real. It can cause stress, anxiety, and a general sense of chaos.

We’ve been natural fertility doctors for over 16 years each. Needless to say, we’ve been there before.

We know what has worked to help 1,000s of other women get pregnant & have healthy pregnancies.

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We’re here to give you a tried, tested, and true method for supporting your fertility…

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Warmest wishes,

Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary

Founders, Cultivate Fertility