3 Reasons Why You Should Start Preparing for Pregnancy ASAP (Even if You Aren’t Ready to Start Your Family Yet)

September 30 2020

Simple things you can do now to prepare your body for pregnancy later

Simple things you can do now to prepare your body for pregnancy later

These days, a lot of us spend years trying not to get pregnant. We want to wait until the time is right to have a family.

Until then, we don’t spend much time thinking about whether or not our bodies are ready for that pregnancy.

And then when we’re finally ready and excited for a baby…

Our bodies might be totally unprepared.

And it’s totally no judgement. So many women have been there. We do the best we can to prevent pregnancy, and then when we do want to become pregnant, we think we’re doing the best we can to make it happen. But the truth is, there are aspects of fertility that most people these days just aren’t talking about, including a lot of doctors.

We’ve been natural fertility doctors for over 16 years, and we’ve seen this over and over again.

Women come into our offices wanting to have children... but they actually don’t know how to support their bodies throughout that process. To make it as healthy as possible for themselves and the baby.

That’s why we recommend that anyone hoping to have a baby within the next 2 years starts preparing her body TODAY.


Because we’ve learned in our own lives, and in the experiences of thousands of our patients over the years, that when you prepare in advance you can greatly support your body’s ability to have a smooth pregnancy.

That means you could be doing SO much more to prepare than just taking a prenatal and calling it a day…

It means strengthening your body and creating a thriving, nutrient-rich place for your wonderful baby to be conceived, carried, and birthed into the world.

So today, we’re sharing the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to start preparing your body for pregnancy. Even if you aren’t planning to start your family for a few years.

Trust us… you can thank us later!


A lot of us think of fertility as tied into our reproductive systems.

But people don’t always think of the WHOLE picture. Every part of your health, including your lifestyle and mental wellness, can impact your fertility.

And the truth is… a lot of us have aspects of our lifestyle that are harmful to our bodies, and harmful to our fertility, even if we might not realize it.

Here are just a few:

  • Environmental toxins

  • Dehydration

  • Poor nutrition

  • Alcohol and drugs

  • Stress and mental health issues

Time and time again, patients come into our offices who have had one or more of those issues, wondering why they can’t get pregnant.

Sometimes they’re diagnosed with “Unexplained Fertility”... which is a fancy way of saying doctors don’t know exactly why they can’t get pregnant.

It’s a heartbreaking and confusing diagnosis, in part because it’s hard to see a path forward from there...

But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Take it from us. One of the reasons we’ve dedicated our lives to this work is because we were both diagnosed with likely infertility when we were young. Through alternative medicine, we were both able to naturally conceive and successfully carry our children full-term. Kara did IVF for her first child and found that these lifestyle changes supported fertility procedures. She was later able to naturally conceive her second.

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That’s why when we see patients, we often ask them to adjust their lifestyles if they want to get pregnant.

And for SO many people, it works!

The most important thing to know is this:

There are concrete lifestyle changes you can start making today that will support your overall hormonal balance and fertility.

The most surprising part is, most women don’t even realize these lifestyle choices are impacting thier fertility.

This is true even for women who consider themselves healthy eaters, who exercise or do yoga, and who try to shop organic. Until you start paying attention to the choices you’re making in every aspect of your life, you might not realize what’s holding you back.

So when you start paying attention to your lifestyle early…

… you may find, like so many of the women that we’ve treated, that when it’s time to get pregnant, your body is already supported!


A lot of us buy anti-aging face cream… but few of us think about the aging of our eggs.

You were born with all your eggs. They’ve been in your ovaries since you were in the womb. And they have an expiration date.

Over time, the longevity and quality of your eggs degrades.

Even in your 20s, even before you’re thinking about starting your family, the choices you make can contribute to the overall health and the oxidative stress to your eggs.

Because your eggs have experienced everything that’s happened to your body over the years.

Alcohol and drugs are a significant factor in aging your eggs. So whether you binge drank in college or you have a weekly glass of wine, this can impact your ability to conceive. No judgement, so many of us have been there. But it’s something to keep in mind as you’re thinking about the longevity of your eggs.

The environmental toxins we come into contact with on a daily basis can impact the quality of our eggs, too.

It’s almost impossible to avoid all toxins, because they’re everywhere these days… Pesticides, plastics, phthalates, BPAs, and other toxic chemicals are in our makeup products, nail polish, furniture, on receipts and in water bottles, and even on our clothes.

You’re likely coming into contact with environmental toxins every single day. And they can affect the health of your eggs and your overall fertility.

Taking simple steps to cut out these toxins where you can, through decreasing your use of plastic and shopping organic, can limit the amount of toxins to your eggs.


Think of it this way…

A lot of women plan to make conception and pregnancy as easy as possible. (That might even be why you clicked on this article!)

But we can (and should!) also be planning for the healthiest baby possible.

One egg and one sperm — that’s all it takes. You have one shot to make a happy, healthy baby.

Creating a nutrient-rich environment that supports the quality and vitality of eggs and sperm can help you do that.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests getting on a pre-birth regimen starting 6 months before you plan to conceive. This gives your eggs time to rejuvenate. It also gives your body time to build up a supply of the nutrients your baby needs.

When you improve the quality of the egg and sperm, your baby can benefit for the rest of his life!

Again… a lot of us buy creams and moisturize because we want our skin to look flawless for as long as possible. Why not give your eggs the same treatment, and start planning today for better quality and longevity?

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