Comprehensive Pregnancy Care-Naturally

March 07 2022

We have received such positive feedback and wanted to share some of our notes and resources from the live event on March 4.   


For community and continued support during pregnancy please join our Pregnancy Mentorship Group:


Mary Schubert : The pregnancy group is a great group!! A great place to ask questions and also learn from each other's experiences.


Michelle Perro, MD

Discussed preventing exposure to common toxicants that are endocrine disruptors and known to pass on to baby.  

Ways to reduce pesticides:
- Eating organic, getting rid of processed foods, avoiding Round-Up
- Using a HEPA filter in your home can be helpful, as environmental toxicants are inhaled and in the air
- Clean out your personal care products and try not to wear your shoes in the home  


    Here is a link to houseplants that can help clean your air at home:


    Dr. Perro thinks that testing for environmental toxicants is very important. See your Functional Doctor (or a virtual visit with us at Cultivate Fertility) to look into testing. This is likely not something your OB will be familiar with - so work with a functional doctor.

    Dr. Perro recommends pregnant women take a high quality fish oil and probiotic and Vitamin D. Being on methylated B-vitamins is very important. The Cultivate Fertility has all of these in daily packs so you don’t have to shop for individual supplements.


    Coach Kela Smith

    She shared tips and tricks for early pregnancy. We discussed eating antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C) and high-fiber foods during the 2-week wait to support implantation. She shared tips on avoiding nausea in early pregnancy. Kela has a new ebook for nutrition in pregnancy that you can pre-order.

    Coach Kela's Pregnancy Meal Plan:

    Coach Kela's Pre-sale offer:


    Ciara Foy

    Ciara shared her amazing story of 2 different pregnancies; one without feeling good and one where self care really paid off. She encouraged us to trust our bodies and focus on self care. She said to start a routine that you can follow and said "Walking is really underestimated".

    Ciara recommends:
    - 30 grams of fiber daily
    - 7-10 servings of veggies
    - at least 30grams of protein a meal


      Ciara’s podcast:


      Kari Marble 

      She discussed creating self-care and giving yourself permission to receive care as you are pregnant and preparing for birth.  Prenatal yoga helps you practice relaxation and can teach you how to relax the muscles and area of the perineum.  


      Dr. Lindy Woodard, MD

      Lindy shared some wise advice from her years in practice about feeding your family and caring for small babies. She is a firm believer in focussing on good fats and probiotic rich foods or fermented foods. She discussed exposing young infants to a large variety of flavors and textures. It can take 20 times before a young child accepts a food!


      Carissa Spada

      We discussed self care and she guided an amazing meditation. "A little plus often is a lot". She advises a "daily minimum dose of self care". She offers free yoga for fertility classes. 



      If you couldn't attend all of it LIVE - please grab the recordings - it is SO worth it!  So much valuable information to have at your fingertips.  If you purchased the recordings, it will be available today.  



      Produce Buying Guide:

      Dietary sources for Omega-3 fatty acids:


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