We love this hydrotherapy to increase circulation to your reproductive organs.  The alternating hot and cold towels help to vasodialate (hot) and then vasoconstrict (cold) and has a pumping action for the blood. This increases circulation - bringing important nutrients and nourishing the reproductive organs.

To get ready: 

  • 4 hand-towels that have been soaked in very hot water (you can use kitchen gloves to handle the hot towels if necessary) and rolled up to keep heat preserved - place in a big bowl 
  • 1 hand towel 
  • 1 bowl ice water 

Come to a comfortable position on your back - you can do this lying down with a pillow behind you or sitting in a reclined position.  

Place the bowl of 4 hot towels in a location easy to reach and place the 1 hand towel into the bowl of ice water on the floor next to you.  

Place one of the hot towels over your reproductive organs - stretching it from belly-button to pubic bone over your pelvis/lower abdomen.

Leave the hot towel in place for 2 minutes. Remove.  

Wring out the towel in the cold water and put it down covering the same area.  Leave in place for 30 seconds and then place it back into the ice water to use again.  

Repeat for 3 more cycles and end with the cold towel.