Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol

"My cycles are so much more regular after doing the program with Dr. Hillary. I didn't realize just how much better I could feel - my sleep has improved so much. She has been an invaluable resource in getting me ready for pregnancy."

Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol - Self Study Course


Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol 

A complete program to get ready for getting pregnant!

This life-changing program is designed specifically for fertility because it addresses hidden causes of infertility that can greatly impact your ability to have a healthy pregnancy.


What is covered?

Ready your body for an easy conception

Make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy (and build a store of nutrients so that your body never gets depleted)

And support the overall quality and vitality of your eggs and sperm

This program is suitable for vegetarians and omnivores.


A pre-pregnancy health optimization plan

You will be taking a month for yourself to learn about food, slow down and reset your hormones. By the end of the month, you will feel radiant and ready to take on the world!

Once you register, you’ll receive access to the full pregnancy preparation plan which comes with:

  • Over 3 hours of videos of Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary walking you through our comprehensive detox program focused on FERTILITY
  • An inspiring countertop detox booklet to help keep you on track
  • How to Avoid Common Toxins: The Comprehensive Guide
  • Stress Reduction and Strategies to Boost Happiness 
  • Our favorite recipes and cooking videos
  • A detailed eating plan including detox and hormone superfoods
  • Guided meditations

You know you want to get let us help you to properly prepare!  

Pre pregnancy diet for a healthy baby

During the 4-week program, Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary will lead you through the following core principles that constitute six modules:   

1. Prevent – The medical research is quite clear that metals and chemicals in the air, water, food, health-and-beauty aids are damaging our fertility. Learn ways to identify and reduce your daily chemical exposure. 

2. Hydrate and Educate - You will get started with the Cultivate Fertility Hydration Guide.  Proper cellular hydration is crucial for both detoxification and hormone balance. You will learn about the 5 main organs of detoxification and the benefits of a detox program for your overall health.   

3. Nourish - Learn how to follow our Cultivate Fertility Diet. You will receive shopping lists and recipes that include our Cultivate Fertility Detox Superfoods and learn to construct delicious plates of nutrient-dense foods.   

4. Protect – Dr. Hillary and Dr. Kara formulated our Cultivate Fertility 30 day Pre-pregnancy Detox protocol from years of clinical experience. The supplements are designed to block the effects of endocrine disruptors and support your detox organs with convenient twice-daily vitamin packs. 

5. Circulate - Circulation is crucial for cellular detoxification and is a foundation for optimal fertility.   You will learn several ways to incorporate movement, sweating, and hydrotherapy that directly increase your blood flow.   

6. Soothe - Stress in the modern world is known to negatively impact fertility. This module will give you many tools for reducing toxic stress and creating habits and rituals of self-care.  


Pre-Pregnancy Nourishment Menu

You can also look forward to receiving a daily checklist, shopping list, and a full library of delicious recipes...all aimed to increase your egg health and boost your fertility.  Have you just decided to try to conceive?  Have you been trying to get pregnant for years? Have you just gone off birth control? Are you at the point where you’re considering IVF? 

No matter where you are in your fertility journey, this Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol is for you!  You’ve probably heard about the importance of cleansing in one place or another; it seems to be a new trend in health and wellness communities.  But the concept of cleansing has actually been around for thousands of years.  In fact, many ancient cultures have used cleansing as a natural way to keep a woman’s body healthy and strong in preparation for pregnancy.

The Cultivate Fertility Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol addresses the many environmental factors contributing to and causing infertility; including oxidative stress caused by pesticides and industrial chemicals, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and nutrient-void foods. We will provide you with the Cultivate Fertility Detox Diet and Supplement Protocol to help you over the next 30 days.  

Making and taking the time for our 30 Day Pre Pregnancy Detox will PROTECT yourself, your future baby, and family by creating a healthy foundation to grow from and will provide you tools and information for the future.

The Cultivate Fertility Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol  – will be the most valuable first step in your fertility journey!