Cervical Mucus: The Sperm VIP PASS

March 01 2020

Fertile cervical mucus has an egg white like consistency

Fertile cervical mucus has an egg white like consistency

Cervical Mucus (aka CM) serves as the Sperm VIP Pass and is a crucial part of the fertility hormone symphony.   


Cervical Mucus acts as a VIP pass for sperm, getting the sperm to the egg! The production of cervical mucus is essential to transport sperm from the vagina into the uterine cavity. The cervical mucus actually assists the opening of the cervical opening and provides a means of travel to the fallopian tubes.   The cervix is typically the barrier from the vagina to the uterus, but the cervical mucus acts as a literal sperm VIP pass to help the sperm make their way up to their destination - the fallopian tubes.   


We always say you get pregnant before you ovulate – this is the basis for recommending sex every other day starting on Day 10.  Sperm gets caught in the egg-white stretchiness of the cervical mucus.  The mucus provides nutrients to the sperm to live and allows the sperm to live for some days.  


Using the Cultivate Fertility Core Principles, we want to help you create watery, stretchy cervical mucus that will ensure sperm the VIP pass to your fallopian tubes.  Your stretchy mucus is influenced by estrogen and progesterone balance and by the following important factors:  



In order to create adequate cervical mucus, you must be well hydrated.  We recommend at least 2 liters of filtered water a day, and more if you are sweating significantly with exercise or consuming coffee/alcohol.  Electrolyte balance is important to maintain.   



Eating a diet rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids is recommended.  Healthy essential fats and fat soluble vitamins are crucial for our body fluids.  Please see Cultivate Fertility Diet for your best Fertility Diet to support your CM.   



A quality prenatal vitamin contributes to healthy cervical mucus.  CM is dependent on adequate levels of magnesium and calcium.   



Boosting microvascular circulation helps cervical mucus and cinnamon and ginger work brilliantly.  Please see our Fertility Detox Tea for a great morning recipe to stimulate your circulation.   



As always, a calm and relaxed state of being helps the body operate at its healthiest frequency. Soothing your nerves, enjoying yourself, feeling relaxed during your fertility journey will all impact your CM.  Everything is connected to how we feel and relaxed is the way to be!   


The Cultivate Fertility 30 day PrePregnancy Detox is a complete video program addressing each core principle and provides an incredible foundation for understanding how hydration, a nutrient-dense diet, quality supplements, circulation, and soothing your mind all work together to create an incredible fertility symphony.