Deliciously detoxifying fertility smoothie

April 05 2021

Cherry Mint Smoothie

Cherry Mint Smoothie

At Cultivate Fertility, we love a good smoothie! Particularly one that will help boost your fertility. This Cherry Mint Smoothie is one of our favorites and part of our fertility detox program.

Smoothies make a great breakfast because they regulate blood sugar. If you’re trying to get pregnant, having really regulated blood sugar is important throughout your day. Starting your day with a good amount of fat and some protein will help keep your blood sugar balanced.  

We always use something frozen for the base of our smoothies. This is because it makes for a much more delicious end product. In this smoothie, we’ll be using frozen cherries as the base.  

Cherries are a fertility detox superfood because they’re packed with several antioxidants including melatonin, phenols, quercetin and a flavonoid called anthocyanin.

The next ingredient we’ll be using is fresh mint.  People don’t often use mint in smoothies, but it’s a highly nutritious herb and a mood booster. Mint also helps open up blood flow, which is so important for women who are trying to conceive.
Following the mint, you’ll want to add a large handful of spinach and romaine lettuce and then some cucumber. These greens are an essential part of any fertility diet plan.

Next, you’ll add cacao nibs, which, like the cherries, are high in antioxidants.
As we mentioned above, getting enough protein in your fertility-boosting diet is vital.  We love to add protein powder and yogurt. Also, adding yogurt to your smoothie will make it creamier.  

If you prefer not to eat dairy,  great vegan yogurt options are available in stores.  We love cashew yogurt - rich in probiotics and a great source of magnesium and good fats.

Remember...fats are your friends when you’re trying to get pregnant!
  • Frozen cherries (10 or so)
  • Mint (5-10 leaves)
  • Spinach (1 large handful)
  • Romaine (1 large handful)
  • Cucumber (¼ cucumber)
  • Cacao nibs (1 tsp)
  • Protein powder (1 scoop)
  • Cashew yogurt (2 T)
  • Coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk or cashew milk  - to your desired thickness  
Add ingredients to blender, blend and enjoy! 

Mint- vasodilates and increases blood flow 
Spinach- high iron content, densely packed micronutrients 
Cacao nibs- high in  antioxidants 
Cashew yogurt- probiotics, magnesium, high in fats 
Coconut milk- saturated fats