Natural Fertility Possibilities 1/22/2021



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NATURAL FERTILITY POSSIBILITIES : Healthy Strategies to Create the Baby you Desire.  January 22nd, 2021 One Day Virtual Retreat

Listen to this excellent panel of speakers on a diverse set of topics for your fertility journey.  You'll hear Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary interview these fertility specialists:

Brook Kalanick, ND speak on hormone balance

Denise Wiesner, DACM, LAc, a certified sex coach talk about that connection with your partner and making a baby

• Meg Aldelman, RN, BSN, MPH co-founder of Navitas Organics speak about clean foods and agriculture practices and it's importance in pregnancy and pre-conception

• Carissa Spada, LMT, RYT speak about how her own fertility journey through IVF helped her in her prenatal and fertility yoga teachings and offerings for her clients

• Breanna Guan, ND from Zsofi Home Hormone Testing talk about how the test works

• Dr. Janelle Luk a renowned NYC reproductive endocrinologist explain Natural IVF and  conventional IVF 

Amanda Walsh founder of Astrology Hub speak about how she uses astrology as a tool for spiritual growth and how to explore your own spiritual growth while on this journey

• Katheryn Zorensky - an internationally acclaimed womb shaman and doula lead us through a meditation to connect to your female organs

• Callie Exas a NYC fertility exercise specialist talk about "burnout" and how it may be holding you back

• Steph Young, DC talk about detoxification pathways and why this is valuable in pre-conception