What’s holding you back from prioritizing fertility?

October 22 2020

online fertility course

online fertility course

We noticed you haven’t joined us yet for the PREPARE FOR PREGNANCY PROTOCOL, our signature course for women and couples who want a clinically tested, natural approach to fertility without having to do it alone.

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We’ve been getting lots of messages from you all telling us you’d love to join, but you have some hesitations. 

And we totally get it!

Fertility is something that a lot of us base our sense of self & confidence on. It seems like this really basic thing... but for a lot of people, trying to get pregnant is anything but.

When we’re struggling to get pregnant — or if we have a hormonal imbalance that makes us fear we might be infertile, even if we aren’t trying to get pregnant just yet — that makes fertility seem like this really scary thing.

So scary you might be afraid to take back control of your health & dive into it.

That’s why today, we’re sharing our responses to some of the most common hesitations we’ve been hearing about.

👉🏻 You’re afraid to talk about your fertility journey... either because you don’t want to bring down your friends who are having no trouble conceiving, or in case you jinx it.

We had one big thing in common when we were struggling to get pregnant…

For a long time, we didn’t talk to anyone about it.

Looking back, it was the most isolating and lonely time in both of our lives. All around us, our friends were getting pregnant and having beautiful healthy babies. We felt completely broken, embarrassed, and confused as to why we couldn’t get pregnant.

It was a really, really dark time. And we felt like we didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.

We didn’t want to tell our friends, who were having no trouble conceiving and really excited about their own families.

We didn’t want to disappoint our families, so we didn’t say anything about it.

We didn’t even really tell our husbands.

We just internalized all that stress — which manifested as anxiety, depression, frustration, & hopelessness.

It felt like no one would understand. Like we were somehow broken. The only women in the world who couldn’t have a baby.

And we were nervous to jinx anything, too. We didn’t talk about possible getting pregnant in case that somehow made it not possible. And when we finally were pregnant, we didn’t want to talk about carrying the baby to term in case that jinxed it too!

The psychological trauma of having miscarriages & being told you’re probably infertile does that to you.

But… it wasn’t until we overcame this fear of speaking about our fertility that we were finally able to make a change.

When we made the switch to natural medicine practitioners who finally looked at our whole-body health and helped us balance our hormones, improve our nutrition & limit environmental toxins...

That’s when we were finally able to give our bodies what they needed to conceive and have a healthy baby. Now Dr. Kara has 2 healthy children, and Dr. Hillary has 3.

But in order to do that, we had to tell ourselves that we were ready to take back control of our fertility. We were ready to understand our bodies and what they were telling us.

We had to realize that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Part of why we created this program is to provide a community of loving, supportive, compassionate people who understand what it’s like to struggle with infertility. So no one else ever has to feel as alone as we did.

"I just wanted to send over an email to announce the arrival of our beautiful, perfect, full term baby girls... and have since been the light of our lives. 

"I am so grateful for your help, support and persistence in helping me get healthy enough to support this pregnancy." - Nicole

👉🏻  You’re hesitant to commit to changing your lifestyle.

If your goal is to have a baby… you’re going to have to change your lifestyle no matter what!

Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, there are tons of foods that can negatively impact your baby, not to mention smoking, drinking alcohol, and certain exercise regimens. And most pregnancy plans also recommend avoiding environmental toxins in certain beauty and cleaning products.

Also: the sooner you cut those toxins out, the less they will have built up in your body when you do become pregnant.

So, if you’re going to have to make all those changes anyway

Why not start today?

Give your body time to become the best soil it can be to grow a baby.

"Cultivate Fertility came into my life at the perfect time. Not only are we preparing to start a family, but quarantine knocked me off many of my health habits. In the midst of a pandemic, these videos reminded me that taking care of myself doesn't have to be hard or complicated. 

"Having these easy to follow, informative videos at my fingertips re-inspired me to eat healthy. I can't go without my morning bone broth anymore!  It's about making the right choices at the grocery store and taking key steps to set yourself up for success - like keeping delicious salad dressing and ingredients prepped and ready." - Annie R.

👉🏻  You don’t think you have time to do an online course.

Ask yourself: do you have the time to not do this right now?

With every passing month, your eggs are aging. The more time you invest in keeping them healthy and supported starting right now, the better.

Start supporting your eggs ASAP.

Our course is designed to take place over 30 days (so you can be done before Thanksgiving and fully enjoy the holiday season!) but it’s completely go at your own pace.

So even if you don’t have much free time during the week, we promise you will be able to fit this in.

"As a 34 year old who has never tried to be or has been pregnant before, I was overwhelmed by the various pregnancy stories and advice from women around me. 

"Knowing my age might play a factor, I was relieved to learn that there are things I can do now to positively impact my fertility journey. The lessons from Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary are informative, easy to follow and inspirational! 

"Understanding how complex fertility actually is gives me the confidence to control what I can and trust there are experts out there who can help with the other stuff. 

"I highly recommend Cultivate Fertility classes and products as tools to help guide you on your fertility journey." - Annie R.

👉🏻  You aren’t convinced that naturopathic medicine really works.

Hey, no judgement. A lot of people in Western society don’t really get the whole Chinese medicine thing.

But the truth is, much of what we do is backed by science and hard data.

We help our clients limit environmental toxins like BPAs, phthalates, and plastic because they’ve been shown in multiple scientific studies to cause reproductive harm and hormone issues.

We’ve seen our natural approach to fertility work for 1,000s of women over the years. And we have the thank you cards and baby photos to prove it!

Why not try everything possible if it might help you on the path toward your growing family?

"Dr. Burkhart explained that she wanted me to become an expert in my own fertility and then she taught me how to support my body." — Anonymous

👉🏻  You don’t want to waste any money.

When you join our program, you get all this: 

✅ 1-on-1 meetings with either Dr. Hillary or Dr. Kara at the beginning and end of the program

✅ Over 3 hours of videos from Dr. Hillary & Dr. Kara

✅ 30-day Protocol Booklet 

✅ How to Avoid Common Toxins: The Comprehensive Guide 

✅ Access to the private Facebook Group 

✅ Guided Meditations to boost fertility 

✅ Weekly Live Calls throughout the program

For just $397… it’s kind of a steal.

“The Prepare for Pregnancy Program has been worth every penny. They provide so much wonderful information and have really helped me feel more empowered with my own health.

"All of the information they give is stuff you can use in your everyday life. I have told everyone I know about how amazing this program is and even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant you learn how to live a healthier lifestyle." - Ashley

So now, we really want to know:

What’s holding YOU back?

Hit reply and tell us (yes, we’ll help answer your questions if we can!)

Don’t let the fear hold you back from taking steps towards your goal!

If you’re ready to step up and start the journey, you can enroll now here!

You’ll be in a community of like-minded people who understand what you’re going through in the private Facebook group, and we’re all here to support you!

Hurry, enrollment closes TOMORROW!

See you inside.

Warmest wishes,

Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary

Founders, Cultivate Fertility

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