• Introducing the Cultivate Fertility Mentorship Groups

    December 15 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    Introducing the Cultivate Fertility Mentorship Groups

    Get a clear path forward for each step of your fertility journey, with expert guidance & small group support. We’re so excited to announce our new Cultivate Fertility Mentorship Groups! This is a mentorship program and community that you can join no matter where you’re at in your fertility journey to get the unique, specialized care that’s best for your...

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  • How to Talk to Your Partner About Supporting His Sperm Health

    December 01 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    How to Talk to Your Partner About Supporting His Sperm Health

    Back in the day, fertility challenges were almost always blamed on the woman. But the truth is, just like with egg health, you should keep sperm in mind when you’re trying to get pregnant. And there are key things that men can start changing in their daily lives right now to improve their sperm count and quality. Fertility specialists used...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About the Cultivate Fertility Diet

    November 19 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    Everything You Need to Know About the Cultivate Fertility Diet

    Last month we welcomed a new of group women into our Prepare for Pregnancy Protocol, and there was one thing we heard over and over: Women are confused about what they should be eating to support their fertility. The Cultivate Fertility Diet  is a cornerstone of our programs. Using food as medicine, we consistently see the powerful impact that the...

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  • Infertility Diagnoses to Natural Conceptions

    October 07 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    How We Went from Infertility Diagnoses to Natural Conceptions: Our family stories

    We spent over 30 combined years in our practices as natural fertility doctors… In that time we've seen literally thousands of women coming to the doors of our office asking for help with infertility struggles. Time and time again, we’ve been able to help women begin their families using our tried-and-true methods to support fertility. But for all those women...

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  • Simple things you can do now to prepare your body for pregnancy later

    September 30 2020 – Kara Burkhart

    3 Reasons Why You Should Start Preparing for Pregnancy ASAP (Even if You Aren’t Ready to Start Your Family Yet)

    These days, a lot of us spend years trying not to get pregnant. We want to wait until the time is right to have a family.Until then, we don’t spend much time thinking about whether or not our bodies are ready for that pregnancy.And then when we’re finally ready and excited for a baby…Our bodies might be totally unprepared.And it’s...

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